Whethan is finishing off his phenomenal Life of a Wallflower Tour with a West Coast run that includes a stop in Portland on Sunday, and we thought it was a perfect time to bring back 3-1-3. If you’re not familiar, the series highlights 3 essential tracks, 1 mix, and 3 other artists to check out. Get acquainted with the young phenom below, and be sure to check out the last leg of his tour!

3 Essential Tracks

Whethan is a phenomenal producer, and absolutely kills it with his collaborations, bringing in some of the most talented vocalists in the game for his tracks. Our three favorite tracks from Whethan all show off his collaborative skills. “High (& Dua Lipa)”, “Be Like You (ft. Broods)”, and “Can’t Hide (ft. Ashe)” are all incredible collabs with wildly talented female vocalists, all with different vibes, from the dark sexual appeal of “High” to the feel-good anthem “Can’t Hide”

1 Essential Mix

What better mix to highlight Whethan ahead of his West Coast tour run than a mix he put together for the tour itself?

3 Other Artists to Check Out

All three of these artists joined Whethan on various stops at the tour, and are all incredibly talented in their own right. Yoshi Flower will be joining Whethan on his entire West Coast run, while Alexander Lewis and Louis Futon will be opening on various nights as well.


Be sure to catch Whethan on the last leg of his Life of a Wallflower Tour!! Dates, cities, and tickets can be found here!