Mysteryland 2016 Was A Beautiful, Insane Adventure

Mysteryland had been on my festival bucket list since it existed, but my commitment to Movement had always kept me in Detroit on Memorial Day Weekend. But in 2016 with Mysteryland moving to June, the path was c...

Sunset Music Festival 2016: Ravers Unite

Imagine over 30,000 ravers jumping in synchronization to the steady pulse of a deep house beat with no intention of stopping. This is the best way to describe my weekend at Sunset Music Festival 2016.
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Euphoria Music Festival was Pure Euphoria

I had high hopes for Euphoria Music Festival. It was my first camping festival of the year (the best kind of festival), my first Bassnectar show of the year (the best kind of show), and my first time in Austin (a pretty okay city). The lineup was incredible, the weather was beautiful, and even though I had just driven halfway across the country from a festival the weekend prior, I was energized, excited and ready to play in the sun. I was not let down. Euphoria more than lived up to my expectations, and its name. It was a flawless weekend of amazing music, perfect weather, and beautiful humans.