Random Access Memories was one of the most anticipated album releases of the year and now that it’s out the big question floating around the internet has been whether or not it has lived up to the hype. The answer from most seems to be, just barely. Although it seems to change from day to day, “Get Lucky” is probably my favorite overall track, but since everybody and their brother has heard it (and many remixes) enough times to last for quite few years, I’ve chosen another song to feature.

“Beyond” is another great highlight, and on this one we won’t find any featured guest hogging the spotlight, it’s all Daft Punk here. Things kick off with an jubilant, orchestral intro (which reminds me of Super Smash Brothers for some reason) before settling into a chill, yet reassuring groove. Without any guests, vocal duty is handled by the robots themselves, and let me tell you, it feels good to hear that signature Daft Punk vocoder voice again. The final section includes a bit of slide guitar (!) and a circular synth line that tickles the brain in all the right places.

Hopefully we aren’t stuck waiting another eight years for their next album, but at least this one will tide us over for a bit.

[audio http://www.what-else-is-there.com/weit/2013/Daft%20Punk%20-%20Beyond.mp3]