“Holy shit. Elohim stole the show.”

Those were the first words I heard upon leaving Wonder Ballroom on a cold Tuesday night, and they certainly rang true. As I shivered off the sweat that had accumulated from hours of nonstop dancing in the sold-out venue, I reflected on what had just transpired inside. Alison Wonderland’s FMUOASL Tour was coming to a close, and if the Portland stop had been any indication of the months of shows leading up to that night, then the tour was a massive success. Elohim’s ethereal opening act perfectly complimented Alison’s electrifying set, both lighting up the dance floor in completely different ways.

I arrived late for Elohim’s set, which was unfortunate. Elohim was my primary reason for attending, but all-ages shows that start at 8pm still throw me off, and I was knee-deep in tequila when the doors opened (it was Tequila Tuesday, I didn’t have a choice). What I caught of Elohim was stunning, and filled me with joy for what I saw, and sorrow for what I missed. She danced across her instruments, and sang with the emotion of a beautifully tortured soul that believes intensely in the music she creates.

For how emotive and haunting Elohim was, Alison Wonderland was equally engaging and intense. Alison knows how to make a crowd dance, and she did exactly that for the entirety of her set. This was certainly not my first time experiencing Alison at work, but each time feels like the first time with her. She’s a master behind the decks and a force on the microphone, making you scream along as hard as you’re dancing.

The show was a success on multiple levels. It’s proof that opposites attract in a live setting, where too often electronic artists book openers with a similar sound, unless you’re my goddess Mija and do everything perfectly. More importantly, it cements the fact that women are not only surviving in the historically male-dominated electronic music scene, they’re thriving. In the same week that I saw Elohim and Alison sell out Wonder Ballroom, I saw REZZ and Mija headline their own sold out events in Portland. As the tour comes to an end, both artists are already preparing for their next big thing. Alison is headlining and curating Wonderland Scarehouse Tour in Australia, while Elohim embarks on another nationwide tour, this time opening for Jai Wolf. If you missed Elohim on this past tour, learn from your mistakes and catch her on the next one.

Featured Image via Elohim Facebook

All other photos by Natalia Rodriguez