Drew Lustman, better known as FaltyDL, is a New York future garage/2-step producer who released his third album Hardcourage earlier this year. Lead single “Straight & Arrow” is driven forward by some some unique sounds, including a chugging, steam powered beat and plenty of soft yet jittery electronic piano.

This all sets the stage for the real meat of the track which shows up about a minute in where Falty samples a section of Al Green’s “Could This Be The Love”. Al’s ‘someone like me’s unexpectedly jump around and mingle with stretched out ‘ooh’s and high pitched ‘ah-aah’s. The result is slightly haunting, but Falty’s impeccable production keeps things buoyant and addicting.

[audio http://thehypist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/FaltyDL-Straight-and-Arrow.mp3]