Griz has been absolutely unstoppable lately, releasing his incredible album Good Will Prevail and launching on an extensive cross-country tour in support of the album, including his upcoming largest headlining show to date at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Our contributor Lena was able to catch Griz during his two night run in Atlanta and was blown away. Relive her experience below and be sure to check out Griz on the rest of his tour.


We got to The Tabernacle just in time to see Haywyre’s opening set. Haywyre was new to me and I was pleasantly surprised. I went in with no expectations and received so much more than I could have wished for. His fingers danced back and forth on the keyboard, a master of the keys. I stood mesmerized and in awe of his speed and skill. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to be introduced to his music.

I had never been to this particular venue before, and was more than impressed. There were quite a few bars, 4 floors, a giant smoking area, and an intense view from the balcony. We heard the beginning of “Wicked” from outside and ran to the floor, where people of all ages were gathered around to bask in Griz’s funk. The crowd was incredibly kind and radiated a groovy vibe, of course. We eventually made our way up to the balcony. Beautiful statues in a nice area that include a bar and comfy couches populated the floor of the first balcony. There was a crazy view that allowed us to take in all of Griz’s colorful lights and visuals. We could see glovers giving shows in the middle of the crowd while the bass pumped from above. Our fantastic view was acquired by pure luck. We had no idea which seats our tickets had placed us in, but there was an entire second row of the middle VIP section that was completely empty. We wandered to that section without hesitation and were greeted by a small, sweet group of people jamming on the front row. They shared their water and high fives, and I instantly felt at home. They let us come up front with them at the end of Griz’s set, and I will forever be grateful for that gesture. Griz in Atlanta was a show that should not have been missed. The people were great, the venue was beautiful and the show was absolutely amazing.  Griz, you never seem to disappoint.