Golf Clap has had one hell of a summer, hitting the festival circuit everywhere from Mysteryland in New York, to North Coast in Chicago, to UpNorth in remote northern Michigan, and they have no plans on slowing down. Over the next few months they’ll be travelling all over the country playing various shows, including two stops on Mija’s ambitious Fk A Genre tour. We stole a few minutes of their precious time to ask them about the tour, their summer, and future plans. Check out the interview below.


The Hypist: Mija’s Fk a Genre Tour is an amazing idea, and I love how she’s bringing a unique experience to each city she visits. How did you get involved with her and her tour?

Golf Clap: We sent her some music before her all house/techno set at Movement in Detroit this year and she played a couple of them during her set. We met her and thanked her and got her contact info. Then when we were both at Electric Forest this year, we hung out with her and her tour manager Ryan quite a bit and had a lot of fun. She told us she called her manager and asked for us to be put on one of the stops for her new tour. Then we were finishing up dates for our tour and somehow ended up on both the Detroit and Chicago shows, which we are really excited and grateful for.


Are you going to be embracing the Fk a Genre concept and switching things up at your stops on the tour?

Funny you ask, just thought about that for the first time yesterday. It’s still going to be a Golf Clap house set, but expect to hear a few different things here and there in the mix. Going to brainstorm from now until then to try and think of some different things to play. This should be fun.

The Detroit stop has a “VV Special Guest” and a “V Special Guest” listed on the lineup. Who are you hoping shows up (assuming you don’t already know)?

We honestly have no idea who the guests are at either of the shows. Really curious to see who shows up.


You guys have played at virtually every club and venue in Detroit. Which is your favorite to play, and why do you think they chose Magic Stick as the location for Fk a Genre?

Well we’ve been throwing parties at The Grasshopper Underground for years now. We also really like The Works. Magic Stick is a good choice because it’s pretty close to everything downtown, is the right size for this show, and has a pizza place downstairs.


You guys have played a lot of festivals this summer. Which festival has been your favorite to play/experience, and what’s been your favorite festival set outside of your own?

Our favorite festival is Electric Forest in Michigan for sure. We go every year and end up playing multiple times in the Forest, the silent disco, in GA, and at the artist pool. Some of the other highlights this summer were Mysteryland in New York, Spring Awakening in Chicago, and the Dirtybird BBQ in Detroit. Favorite sets at festivals this summer? Skream b2b Moonboots at Riverside Groove in Detroit, Shiba San at UpNorth Festival in northern Michigan, and Low Steppa & Motez sets at Electric Forest.


You’ve had an incredible year, and you guys are constantly staying on the grind. What are you most excited for in 2017?

2017 is going to start off pretty big for us. In January we’re on Holy Ship 9.0 with a monster lineup & we are also releasing a big compilation on our Country Club Disco label. Been in the studio more lately, so expect to see a few more releases from us in 2017.


Golf Clap will be accompanying Mija on her Fk A Genre Tour November 3rd at The Mid in Chicago, and November 4th at Magic Stick in Detroit. Tickets are available here.