It looks like it took JT getting married and taking a break from acting / sticking his dick into boxes to finally record a follow up to Futuresex/Lovesounds. And while it may not top his 2006 smash, it definitely has its share of moments. JT’s teamed up with his favorite producer Timbaland once again, and while the latter’s production tends to stand out more on other tracks, “Pusher Love Girl” (at least until the coda) is mostly Justin.

Sure, likening that feeling you get from being in love to a drug is nothing new, but for some reason it doesn’t sounds stale here. Justin croons about his latest and greatest infatuation on top of a bare-bones backdrop of strings and “ba-doops”. Of course, once we DO get to that coda, Timbaland takes advantage of the moment to chop Justin’s voice up and fade it backwards while JT goes through a list of all the substances his girl can stand in for. Now if only there was a reliable way for the rest of us get a fix of this stuff, we’d be all set.