If you couldn’t tell from previous Hypist features, we love New Orleans more than most people love their significant others. The city itself is full of food, drinks, magic and a history unlike any other. For our first post back in the new year, we’ve brought to you a special edition piece on the parts of Buku we love the most as well as a way to visit the city from a local’s point of view.

Kicking it off with number one is the food. Buku takes place in a foodies paradise. When in Nola you have to try the crawfish. A little creature most parts of the US wouldn’t dream of putting in their mouth, crawfish is a Buku staple. Slow boiled in a pot with corn, potatoes & a “secret” cajun seasoning blend that probably will never get shared with you, crawfish is a delicacy you can’t miss out on. Another not so little creature is of course the gator. Found all over the city & definitely at the festival are Boudin Balls. Think fried, doughy and if your lucky spicy! Both the boudin balls and the crawfish when paired with mac & cheese create this soul food combination that’s out of this world. For our more health conscious friends don’t miss out on the Vietnamese food that’s sure to be at the fest. Noodle bowls, Bahn-Mi & spring rolls oh my! New Orleans is a city rich in Vietnamese culture as well so we recommend checking out Lily’s Cafe while in town.

Coming in at number 2 is the drinks. If you weren’t aware open intoxication laws are non-existent in the city limits. So as it should be, the town is a haven for creative cocktails both big and small. We recommend getting yourself a frozen daiquiri, a bag of beers and probably a sip of absinthe all to go while in town but definitely not at the same time. This year Buku is sponsored by Bud Light & Monster Energy drinks so don’t skip out on hitting up both of those tents while running around the venue. We also recommend hitting up Urban South before the venue for craft beers and the Carousel Bar for cocktails that’ll blow your mind.

New Orleans is a city for the occult to thrive. It’s got metaphysical shops that will fill your every desire, palm readings in the square and an ethereal energy you can feel. One of our favorite parts of Buku is the late night energy. After party tickets are selling out fast so get tickets here while you can! The crescent city bridge lights up the fest like Christmas lights in December, you’ll find yourself dancing without even thinking about it & something about the city makes all your fears simply dissipate. We recommend checking out the Tea Witch Cafe, Hex & Boutique Du Vampyre for your fifth dimension needs.

Another part of both New Orleans & Buku is the art scene. In a city with few rules, the arts have a hub to thrive. Unlike any other festival Buku hosts street artists with live graffiti wall muraling. That’s right. Not just live painting, but live graffiti muraling which adds to the industrial vibe were picking up from Buku. Buku also has the #Bukrewe which will be doing a number of different flow arts, dancing, costuming and laughing to add to the ever present whimsical energy. It’s hard to even think about what other art Buku will bring to the table this year. We’ve seen adult sized, glowing teeter-totters, a psychedelic back porch, a neon tree of life, a designated space for flow artists and the festival takes place in Mardi Gras World so we’re already blown away! As far as the city we recommend wandering Royal Street, Red Truck Art Gallery & Magazine Street shops to get a good feel of the art scene.

As far as the fest, there’s a few things you absolutely cannot miss out on. First, Lana Del Ray. That’s it. We need not even say more on the magical power that comes from such a powerful feminine energy. If you’re looking for somewhere to dance make sure to hit Claude Von Stroke, Fisher, Yaeji & Doja Cat. Not so into house? Check out Toro y Moi, Oliver Tree & Ekali (one of our personal favorites). Just going to Buku to get Funky? Make sure to check out Papadosio, Griz, Sunsquabi & Trombone Shorty’s music academy. No matter what your Spotify top 100 are, is obvi Buku’s got music for you.

The last big update we have on Buku is dat new new. Buku project, yet again, has blown our minds. Somehow they were able to create this years fest with an event bigger capacity! You know exactly what that means.. More room for you AND your friends. Obviously.. You don’t want to sleep on this. Grab your tickets here, grab your friends and pack your outfits. We’ve got less than a month till Buku!