Manila Killa & Robotaki was a collaboration that was meant to be. The two share similar styles, with a catalog that includes uplifting original singles and euphoric remixes that are oftentimes better than the original track. When the two collaborated on “I Want You”, it was an instant hit, and they followed it up with one of the best collaboration tours you could dream up. The conveniently titled I Want You tour features solo sets from both artists, with a closing b2b set, and it’s just as amazing as you would imagine.

We caught the Portland stop in the tour, at the city’s premiere venue for small, sweaty electronic shows. The vibes were exactly what you’d expect a tour like this. Everyone was there to dance, drink, and love each other. Manila Killa and Robotaki both played fantastic solo sets, followed by a b2b set full of all the vibes we needed to close out the night. As the evening ended, they dropped “I Want You” to cheers, hugs, and emphatic singing along as the lights went up. We danced the night away with new friends and old, and it was probably the best crowd I’ve ever experienced at the venue. While we were unfortunately unable to meet up with the boys at the show, we shot over Manila Killa a few questions about the tour.


The Hypist: You two are so much fun live, and your Portland show was amazing. How did this match made in heaven come to be?
Manila Killa: Thanks so much for coming! We both have been fans of each other’s music for years and this was the year that we finally agreed to do something together. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do exactly, but it ended up with us collaborating on a track and throwing a tour together.
What’s been your favorite moment of the tour so far?
There have been soooo many. I would say a really amazing moment was seeing people sing along to our collaboration even though it’s only been out since the summer. It’s so cool seeing people sing along to songs you helped make.
If you had to go head to head in a DJ battle for the ages, who would come out on top?
Sorry Robotaki but I would win!!! Hahaha. Ya boy’s been DJing a little longer than Robotaki.
Taylor Swift, Kesha, or Lana Del Rey?
Hands down – Lana. I love her entire aesthetic and the music she’s put out.
If you haven’t caught them on tour yet, there’s still time. The I Want You Tour hits Detroit tomorrow, followed by stops in Denver, DC, Toronto, and Chicago.