Mysteryland is shaping up to be the festival to beat in 2016. With a massive lineup, beautiful festival grounds, and a plethora of food, art, and other non-music features, Mysteryland has a lot to offer. While it’s no secret that the festival headliners are among the best of the summer, we want to highlight some artists and events you might have overlooked. Check them out below, and get ready to live, love, and dance your ass off at the birthplace of Woodstock this June.


Illenium on The Boat – Sunday

Illenium is one of my absolute favorite artists right now, and while he’s been blowing up over the last few months, he’s still not on everyone’s radar. If you’ve listened to his music, you know this show is going to be phenomenal. If you haven’t, Mysteryland is the perfect place to discover your next favorite artist.


Rezz on Main Stage – Friday

Rezz is bringing deep house to the main stage early on Friday, and this will be the first of many can’t-miss shows over the weekend. With co-signs from artists like DeadMau5 and Destructo, this talented woman is on the up and up, and won’t be a festival opener for much longer.


Champagne Drip at The Silent Disco – Sunday

The Silent Disco is always a wonderful escape from the booming sound and the crowds at a festival, and I can’t think of a better artist to vibe out with than Champagne Drip.


Deep House Yoga with George Faya and Tasha Blank – Saturday and Sunday

Yoga is an essential part of surviving the weekend, whether it’s in a guided group session or simply by yourself at your campsite or hotel room. Deep House Yoga is a great way to relax the mind and body without completely escaping the music.


The Healing Garden – All damn weekend

I don’t know exactly what to expect from this, but one look at the Healing Garden lineup, and I’m completely sold. Mysteryland might be the most relaxing festival of the weekend, even with all the headbanging at Skrillex and Bassnectar.



Mysteryland takes place in Bethel Woods, June 10-13. Tickets are available here.