Back in the early months of 2015, Rezz was a virtual unknown, a producer with a dark unique sound that people hadn’t quite caught onto yet. Since then, she’s been on a meteoric rise, with several EPs, remixes, and a slew of festival appearances, including an incredible set at Movement over Memorial Day weekend. We managed to steal a little bit of her precious time ahead of her appearances at Mysteryland and Spring Awakening to ask her some questions.


The Hypist: Hi Isabelle! It’s great to talk to you, I’m honestly a huge fan. I woke up early after partying until 9am and dragged my friends to your 2pm set at Movement. How was it playing a festival where the crowd is actually there for the deep house and techno as opposed to a lot of the mainstream EDM festivals like Sunset that same weekend?

REZZ: Thank u 🙂 It was amazing!! I really enjoyed myself. I felt more comfortable playing my chill, weirder songs.
Your music is absolutely perfect for a dark, intimate club. What’s it like playing to huge crowds at festivals, oftentimes in the blazing sunlight?
It definitely feels out of place sometimes  but I wouldn’t compromise the darkness of my sets just because it’s light out!
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The first time I saw you was on the Ship2Ship tour in Chicago and I raged so hard that I missed my flight the next morning. Are you excited to be back in Chicago for Spring Awakening? Who are you most excited to see at the festival, assuming you’re hanging around after your set?
Yes I’m obsessed with Chicago. If I were playing on the other days I’d look forward to DeadMau5 and Gesaffelstein!
Moving on to your amazing music, you’ve created a sound that’s uniquely you. In an electronic world where a lot of producers play off each other’s sounds, you do your own thing. Do you draw inspiration from other producers, or does it all just come to you like dark magic?
It depends ! Sometimes inspired by artists and sometimes it comes alone sitting in my room.
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Who would you love to collaborate with that you haven’t already?
I’ve just recently got into collaborating. Would love to work with Bassnectar above all else right now
Female DJs and producers like yourself are finally starting to get more recognition in the industry, but it’s still largely male-dominated. As part of the Nap Girls movement, how are you and other artists like Mija helping to turn the tide and make it easier for women to break into the industry and get the recognition they deserve? Who are some of your favorite female producers/DJs right now?
My favourite girl producer is definitely Grimes. With regards to helping inspire more woman, I think I just have to continue working on music and not selling myself based on much else other than that & my brand.
You keep teasing new songs, remixes, and collaborations. When can we expect a new release?
I’ve released about 3 remixes the last couple months but definitely expect a wave of new music within the next few months. I have a finished EP and some singles aside from that.
What are you most excited for this year, whether it be a certain festival or tour date, new music, or just living life?
I’m just excited to keep improving my production and my DJ sets. All of the festivals excite me! I can’t wait for Shambala , Paradiso , Red Rocks … And some other unannounced massive festivals world wide.
Thanks so much for your time! I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Any last words?
Love u
Rezz has a stacked schedule of shows and festivals over the next few months, including stops at Shambhala and Tomorrowland. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter