Bask in the Beauty of Okeechobee’s 2018 Lineup

After months of rumors, Okeechobee has finally blessed us with its initial 2018 lineup, and it's a bass-lover's dream. The multi-genre festival will be manned by Arcade Fire, Halsey, and Bassnectar, who will pl...

Phoenix Lights: Unreal & Relentless

Or, PLUR. For months, I’d been planning my landing in Phoenix to dance alongside some of the greatest musicians in the Milky Way. I arrived in Phoenix late Friday night, and began the weekend hula hooping...
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Mutrix – Beat It (Remix)

Normally classic pop songs like "Beat It" shouldn't be fucked with, but Mutrix made himself an exception with this rager. Staying true to the original by keeping both the verses and the chorus, but flipping the lid on the instrumentation, Mutrix has created a version of this classic that even The King of Pop himself would have head-banged to.