Reaction NYE was a Warehouse Party for the Masses

When I think of New Year’s Eve warehouse parties, I like to imagine secret locations announced a mere 24 hours before, with little-known DJs spinning until the wee-hours of the morning. And while those are incredibly fun, React decided to take a new approach to the idea this year by bringing a full-fledged, two-day festival to a convention center just outside of Chicago. And between two huge stages, incredible lights, an arcade stage, and a skate park, they transformed the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center into a warehouse party that anyone could attend, and it worked out beautifully.
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Music Madness: The Play-In Round

Ah, play-in games. The NCAA's way of expanding the tournament and giving teams a chance to win a game before they get crushed in the actual tournament. In recent years they've expanded it to include 11 and 12 seeds, teams that might actually have a chance in the tournament, which made for some interesting matchups in my Governor's Ball tournament. But as with basketball, there were a few shit artists in the mix too.