Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, Florida has a killer lineup this year. This is SMF’s sixth consecutive year and every year they manage to meet the expectations and wishes of all types of people gathering in one place. They somehow pull off a two day festival that holds within its gates all of the artists we have been dying to see this year. It takes place in May on the 27th and the 28th in Raymond James Stadium.This is a busy time of year, so not only will I lay out this years lineup, I will also break down a couple of key components concerning your travel and stay that I wish I would have known the first time around.

The lots for Sunset Music Festival are set to open at 2:00 pm with the gates to the festival opening at 3:00 pm. This festival is NO RE-ENTRY, please remember this upon arrival and departure. If you forget something at your hotel you cannot go back and if you forget something inside at night you cannot go back in to look for it. This is non-camping, no re-entry so prepare to be there until the festival ends, which will be at 12:00 am. There are plenty of after parties to attend if you are not sleepy enough for the hotel, never fear! Also remember that Tampa, FL is incredibly humid around this time and can be very hot. Make sure you are prepared for the heat with water, sun screen, hats, etc. It will be unbearable at times, with little to no shade. Prepare yourself for hot porta potties, but sweet smiles and high fives from everyone you pass on your way to those scorching torture boxes. You should have a camelbak or cash/card for water at hand at all times. They had quite a few water stations, plenty of beverage bars, a cool down tent and a hang out area including shade that is pretty close to the main stage. Remember to take care of your friends and keep not only yourself, but those around you hydrated! Show love, spread love!

Sunset’s vibes are pretty amazing! There are so many colors and lights around you, everyone is smiling and dancing, not a frown in sight. I was happy just to be around these humans. When I tell you that from the moment the lot opens, these people are raging, shuffling, laughing, etc. until the ubers and taxis take everyone to their desired location where they can start the festivities over again, I mean it. We stayed in a hotel where as soon as we circled up to pull our suitcases from the packed trunk, we spotted two shufflers giggling in the parking lot. We struck up conversation with these two and found out that they have been attending SMF for multiple years now and love the atmosphere. It is their home festival! Our weekend had started off so great and the lineup was almost as exciting as it is this year.

Now for the reason you’re all here: The Lineup. Last year Seven Lions, The Chainsmokers, Jauz, Marshmello, Snails and so many more took to the stage and destroyed our brains over the course of Memorial Day Weekend. This year the lineup is even more jam packed, making it harder for me to not be anxious about overlapping shows. First of all, Above and Beyond, Major Lazer and Zeds Dead will be gracing us with their presence this year in Tampa, alongside Illenium, G Jones (omg, heyyyy), Snails, Bleep Bloop, Slushii, Ganja White Night and MORE! SERIOUSLY, THERE IS MORE I HAVE NOT INCLUDED CHECK IT OUT! This year there is absolutely no reason for you not to attend. Last year we were able to secure a hotel in the month of May at a decent price, and Airbnb is always an option as well. The tickets for this festival are not very expensive and can also be purchased as single day passes. I’ll be there raging alongside the LED driven maniacs I call my friends at Sunset Music Festival. See you there!


Sunset Music Festival takes place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa May 27th and 28th. Tickets are available here.