For their fourth album Shaking The Habitual Karin Andersson and Olof Dreijer set out to create an experience where listeners would not be able to tell if the sounds contained within were produced with a computer or real instruments, and on that note, I do believe they succeeded.

Take my favorite song, “Raging Lung”, for example. Throughout, we’re bombarded by a plethora of noises; jangling chime-like noises, warbling bass-like noises, a few amber-tinged noises that may or may not be steel drums, and after awhile some sort of squawking noise takes a solo. The only thing that we can be sure of is that Karin is the one on the mic, as her occult-laden voice is unmistakable. Eventually she fades away and another set of noises (one of which has equal chances being some sort of strange bowed stringed instrument, broken machinery, or a dying animal) take over to jam things out. But regardless of how “Raging Lung”  really was composed, if you’re a fan of The Knife and their ever morphing brand of mysticism, this song is for you.