Time and time again, Thee Oh Sees prove that they really are the hardest working band in San Francisco. They’ve been averaging almost two albums per year for the last 3 years and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest LP, Floating Coffin, is filled with the same high energy garage/psych rock that makes their live shows so remarkable.

The opening cut “I Come From The Mountain” doesn’t take long to reach a frenzied forward momentum that lays a framework for John Dwyer’s frantic riffs and fiendish vocals while Brigid Dawson drops sets of chilling background oohs. They even manage to squeeze in a riff near the end that sounds a bit like the intro to “Lonely Boy”. Now if only Thee Oh Sees prolific work output and consistent quality didn’t make so many of my other favorite bands look bad.

[audio http://www.what-else-is-there.com/weit/2013/Thee%20Oh%20Sees%20-%20I%20Come%20From%20The%20Mountain.mp3]