Tyler, The Creator is the leading man of the west coast hip-hop crew Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All and while he’s generally known for his aggressive style and controversial themes, “Awkward” is actually a rather tender moment among his madness.

It’s here where two teenagers, Sam (one of Tyler’s alter-egos) and Salem first fall in love, setting off a feud between Sam and Tyler that plays out on the rest of the album. The voice of Sam is represented by a screwed vocal effect and the feelings of anxiety and elation that tend to accompany brand new relationships is complimented nicely with a soaring synth line in the backing beat. Sam is finally joined by Odd Future member Frank Ocean at the end of the song for a bit of celebratory crooning when he gets the girl.

Tyler’s music certainly isn’t for everyone, but the youthful themes and interesting production on “Awkward” make for a song that even non-Odd Future fans can enjoy.

[audio http://www.what-else-is-there.com/weit/2013/Tyler,%20The%20Creator%20-%20Awkward.mp3]