You gotta love it when artists keep their ear to the ground instead of resting on their laurels after getting a few successful albums under their belt. Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been doing a good job of mixing things up with each release; their debut had them bounding out of the gate with high energy garage punk, album two was a bit folkier, number three brought the synths, and when it came time for number four things have gotten rather dark.

It seems like just like the rest of us, Karen O and company have been diggin’ on some new stuff like Grimes and Purity Ring. This influence is most apparent on the end of “These Paths” where we get a bit of a jam with that dark/screwed vocal sample. Of course, that’s after riding through a few minutes of an eerie, rotating squeak (that moment when it suddenly does three full rotations) and Karen’s increasingly disturbing suggestions (that moment when she hops up into some hair-raising falsetto). Of all the musical paths listeners have to choose from these days, Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue to be a good choice.